Tuesday, December 2, 2008

gavin gets to go outside!!!

Gavin's numbers are up!!! we headed to the park!!! 11/16/2008

Gavin update!! (sorry it's been a bit!)

Hello everyone! here is an update on my Angel Baby!

Gavin is doing AMAZING. last week we had to be at the hospital every morning at 8:00am to have labs done for his Stem Cell collection (for his bone marrow transplant) and on Saturday they found his numbers to be right where they needed them so yesterday (Mon the 1st) we headed to the hospital at 7:00am to get the procedure started. They had to do a minor surgery to have a tube implanted in his leg for the collection then once that was done they started! they said it could take 1 to 5 days for collection but Gavin's number seriously shot up over night so they were able to collect everything they needed in one day! It was about a 4 1/2 hour ordeal and we had to keep him in bed lying flat with his legs straight (those of you with 3 year olds know how impossible that must be :} ) so the tube wouldn't break... The Dr. said he actually did alot better than any other 3 year old she's done this procedure on! once that was done they had to give him a platlette transfusion, pull the tube, and i mean just yank it outta his leg. No meds or anything. I couldn't watch, that was just too much for me! but they took the tube out and had to hold the hole for 15 minutes to be sure it closed up then we were able to go home. we got home at about 8:00pm last night! If you could see him today you would NEVER know he went through all that today! He is the most amazing child i have ever met, and i'm not just saying that!

Our Thanksgiving was quiet but nice. Gavin didn't have an ANC (an immune system) so we couldn't go to the family dinner so Brian made us a nice Thanksgiving dinner! Just me, Brian and Gavin!!!

We will be headed back up to the hospital on the 8th (next monday) for his 3rd round of Chemo. we will be there for 4 days! on the 9th & 10th they will do scans to see how much the damn thing has shrunk (sorry for the language!!!)

Thanks again so much for all your love and prayers!!!

please enjoy the pics! HE IS THE BEST!!!